There has been a long time since my last post or general updateone year! 🤔

What caused it? I don’t know, really. In October 2017 I started my first and in April 2018 my second remote job where both were and are engaging. Since I thought I can work from remote I have to be available 24/7 and should prevent the 9to5 rule from the early days in the office. But the work-life balance wasn’t really balanced at all, there wasn’t room for hobbies or team sports.

Additionally, we moved to a new house in April so there were a lot of things going on that I only thought to be good at the job and get the house ready until Christmas. The bad thing is that everything was finished thought but I completely moved my private stuff away like personal development, iPad-only lifestyle, podcast creation, and our blog.

To be honest, I tried writing more articles and thinking about the future but get sidetracked every time since I only have my work-Macbook as my device. If you are writing private stuff on it and an E-Mail or customer-case comes in I was instantly working on it – still outside of my working hours. Even if I’m against New Year’s resolutions I had some time thinking about the whole mess I was creating over the Christmas days.

In 2019 I will do:

  • more focus on family-related things
  • more and diversified sport exercises
  • more private development
  • more creative stuff
  • more work on blog posts
  • more focus to comply with the work-hours
  • less work in the early morning and late evening outside my shift
  • less focus to be one step ahead in tech

The good thing is that I already started with the list and hope to get it right over the year. I’m sure I and also beauty will rock it as a family.


Moin! Ich bin Marvin, 27 Jahre alt und IT-Mensch 👨‍💻Meine Beiträge drehen sich um Technik, Projekte, Workflows und was mir sonst noch so in den Kopf kommt. – Stay hungry, stay foolish!

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